3 best street food of Kolkata


Greetings, fellow food enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the vibrant and flavorful world of Kolkata’s street food, where every bite is a celebration, and every vendor is a culinary artist.so today I am going tell you about 3 best street food of Kolkata that must be tried by everyone, may they are the resident or the visitors. Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour through the bustling streets, where the tantalizing aromas and lively chatter create a symphony of taste that defines the essence of this city’s gastronomic culture.

Kolkata’s street food isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s a sensory journey through a symphony of spices. From the fiery kick of puchkas to the melodious crunch of jhal muri, the streets here are alive with the taste.  

Puchka: The King of Kolkata’s Streets

in Kolkata, we don’t just eat puchkas; we witness a culinary drama unfold. Picture this: a street vendor, armed with a basket of crispy orbs, challenging you to a spicy showdown. You take the plunge, the puchka explodes in your mouth like a flavor fireworks display, and just when you think you’ve conquered it all, the vendor raises an eyebrow, asking, “One more?” It’s not just street food; it’s a spicy soap opera.

Step up to the puchka cart, and you’re not just ordering a snack; you’re partaking in a ritual. The crisp shell, the tangy tamarind water, and the spicy potato filling – it’s a burst of flavors that transforms a simple street corner into a culinary stage. Basically these crispy water balls takes away all of our tensions of the long hectic day.so head out and have fun with these tasty water balls and feel the amazing experience of spice and sour taste together.


Luchi &Torkari: A Breakfast Delight

Luchi: The Drama Queen of Deep-Fried Elegance

Imagine a flatbread so pampered, it insists on being deep-fried for breakfast. That’s our beloved Luchi, the drama queen of Kolkata’s breakfast scene. Light, airy, and slightly rebellious, Luchi refuses to be anything less than perfectly puffed. It’s the diva of the dining table, making every meal a delicious spectacle.

Torkari: The Straight Man in the Comedy Duo

Enter Torkari, the calm and collected sidekick to Luchi’s theatrics. Torkari is the seasoned, spiced companion that provides the perfect foil to Luchi’s crispy antics. It plays it cool, letting Luchi take the spotlight while quietly stealing the show with its flavorful punch. The perfect straight man in this culinary comedy duo. And that also Alur torkari which goes with every type of dish may it is rice, puri etc. but it goes best with the fluffy partner luchi



So missing this duo is not a good decision and don’t even think of avoiding this duo .so just enjoy your breakfast with this duo.

Momo :Kolkata’s Twist to Dumplings

Today, we’re unravelling the hilarious tale of Kolkata’s Momo with Soup – a duo so dynamic, it’s like a stand-up comedy show for your taste buds.

Momo: The Dumpling Daredevil

First, let’s talk about Momo, the undercover superhero of Kolkata’s street food scene. Wrapped in a mysterious cloak of dough, Momo is like Batman in a bamboo steamer – saving hunger pangs one bite at a time. It’s the dumpling that doesn’t take itself too seriously, keeping its delicious secrets hidden beneath a soft exterior. This white steaming happiness fills the heart with joy. The red sauce adds extra taste to it .

Soup: The Momo’s Trusty Sidekick

Enter Soup, the trusty sidekick with a hot twist. It’s the unsung hero that complements Momo’s antics perfectly. Together, they form a dynamic duo that warms your soul and tickles your taste buds. Soup is the Robin to Momo’s Batman, the Watson to its Holmes, making sure every bite is an adventure. Now, imagine a plate where Momo and Soup engage in a flavorful banter. Momo dives into the hot tub of Soup, creating a delightful splash of flavors.


As you embark on the Momo with Soup journey, it’s not just a meal; it’s a taste of laughter. So, the next time you’re in Kolkata, craving a culinary chuckle, seek out the Momo with Soup duo. It’s not just food; it’s a delicious comedy routine that will have your taste buds applauding for an encore. Because in Kolkata, even the dumplings and soup know how to serve up a good laugh! 🥟🍲🎭

So, join us on this brief encounter with Kolkata’s street food magic. It’s a journey where the streets come alive with the sizzle of pans, the hiss of frying oil, and the laughter of those indulging in the delectable delights that make Kolkata’s culinary scene truly enchanting.so please come and  have this great experience of taste and laughter in Kolkata.

Food FAQs

A1: While Puchka stalls are scattered across the city, the College Street area and New Market are renowned for serving some of the best Puchkas in Kolkata.

A2: Kolkata-style Momos stand out due to their flavorful filling and the accompanying spicy dipping sauce,and hot soup providing a distinct twist to the traditional Tibetan dumplings.

A3: While Luchi & Torkari are popular breakfast items, they can be enjoyed throughout the day at various street food stalls and eateries.

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